State Senate Republicans Offer Education Reforms

By Benjamin Cox on February 26, 2022 at 6:42am

Illinois Senate Republicans are offering legislation to empower the parents of school children.

One of the bills adds 5 new positions to the Illinois State Board of Education to be chosen directly by voters as opposed to being appointed by the governor. Another proposal requires districts to post all school district learning materials and curriculum that is taught in a district online for the public and parents to inspect.

47th District State Senator Jil Tracy of Quincy says another bill makes the “Invest in Kids” Scholarship program permanent to help low-income families pay for private school: “Extending the program will provide a real choice to students and their families whose future might be otherwise limited by educational resources that are not meeting their needs for whatever reasons.”

Senate Republicans say the proposals will add more transparency, equity, and accountability to the state’s education system.