Statewide soybean harvest hits double digits

By Benjamin Cox on September 25, 2018 at 1:33pm

Producers were busy in their fields harvesting both corn and soybeans last week.

The USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service deemed 85 percent of last week suitable for fieldwork in Illinois, at 6 full days.

The entire state of Illinois was hotter and drier than normal last week. The average state temperature for last week was measured at 72.3 degrees, which is 9 degrees hotter than normal. The state averaged 0.45 inches of rain, four-tenths of an inch below par.

The local West Southwest District had the hottest difference between temperature measurements and recorded averages in the 38th week of the year. The West Southwest district last week had an average temperature of 74.3 degrees, over 10 whole degrees above the recorded par. The local district also got just under a quarter of an inch of rain last week at 0.23 inches, six-tenths of an inch below average. In addition, the local West Southwest district is currently sitting at 3,515 growing degree days since May 1st, 450 more than normal.

Topsoil and subsoil moisture supply ratings were identical last week. Both ratings were finalized at 4 percent very short, 18 percent short, 73 percent adequate, and 5 percent surplus.

State Crop Statistician Mark Schleusener has the latest corn and soybean measures.


85 percent mature; 75% one week ago; 54% one year ago; 66% normally.

28 percent harvested; 12% one week ago; 10% one year ago; 13% normally.


This week: 6 percent very poor to poor, 15% fair, and 79% good to excellent.

Last week: 6 percent very poor to poor, 18% fair, and 76% good to excellent.


93 percent turning color; 87% one week ago; 83% one year ago; 81% normally.

75 percent dropping leaves; 58% one week ago; 53% one year ago; 52% normally.

17 percent harvested; 4% one week ago; 8% one year ago; 6% normally.


This week: 7 percent very poor to poor, 14% fair, and 79% good to excellent.

Last week: 6 percent very poor to poor, 17% fair, and 77% good to excellent.


Schleusener also offers a look at the latest from sorghum acres and pasture conditions.


94 percent turning color; 90% one week ago; 93% one year ago; 90% normally.

75 percent mature; 67% one week ago; 71% one year ago; 59% normally.

14 percent harvested; 2% one week ago; 13% one year ago; 10% normally.


This week: 6 percent poor, 22% fair, 57% good, and 15% excellent.

Last week: 4 percent poor, 22% fair, 58% good, and 16% excellent.

[This is wonderful news, as this time last year there were no sorghum acres listed in excellent condition.]


This week: 15 percent very poor to poor, 29% fair, and 56% good to excellent.

Last week: 13 percent very poor to poor, 27% fair, and 60% good to excellent.