Storm damages North Greene junior high gym floor

By Gary Scott on July 1, 2016 at 12:46pm

Water damage is forcing the North Greene School District to take steps to repair a gymnasium floor.

A recent wind and rain storm penetrated the tarp that was put up for a roof

construction project at the junior high school gym, according to North Greene Superintendent Lawrence Coultas. He says a good portion of the gym floor was damaged.

“We’re still negotiating with the insurance company regarding whether or not the drying process would be enough to get the gym floor to go back to its original shape and so forth. If not, probably a large portion, if not all of the gym floor’s going to have to be replaced,” Coultas says.

The gym, previously used by the high school, is now mostly used for grade school activities and junior high games, according to Coultas.

“We pretty much have to move some things, but our biggest concern is the timetable, to have it available when school starts. That’s probably going to be difficult. We use that for PE classes and also some different extracurricular activities,” he says. “So, our biggest concern is to see if we can get all of this completed by the time school starts, or at least shortly after school starts.”

Additionally, school officials might utilize the gym in Roodhouse or the Alternative Center for Education school gym.