Study: Greene, Pike Have Some of Highest COVID Transmission in U.S.

By Benjamin Cox on November 13, 2020 at 4:04pm

Two counties in West Central Illinois are among the most likely of places in the country to catch COVID-19. The Georgia Institute of Technology along with researchers from the Applied Bioinformatics Lab at Stanford University released a COVID-19 Event Risk Assessment Planning Tool.

According to the planning tool’s map, in Greene and Pike County if you are in a gathering of 10 people, your chance of encountering someone with COVID-19 is 77-78%. By comparison, Brown, Scott, Morgan and Cass are between 60-70%. 8 other counties in the state, most in the southern collar counties of Chicago are also within that risk level. According to the study, the lab believes that there are 10 times more cases of coronavirus than what is being found and reported throughout the country.