Study: Scott County Schools “Favorable” For Consolidation

By Benjamin Cox on April 17, 2021 at 6:39am

Scott County schools have been given a favorable outcome if they were to consolidate. A feasibility study conducted by Midwest School Consultants was presented to the Winchester and Bluffs school boards this week and said that if the two schools were to combine it would present favorable outcomes for students.

The Journal Courier reports that members of both districts heard the findings this past week in a joint meeting. William Phillips, president of Midwest School Consultants, told those in attendance that the two districts match up well because they do not have a lot of outstanding debt, they both have projected declining populations over the next several years, and both have school buildings in need of expensive renovations.

The study also found that the curricula, if combined, would provide more opportunity for students because more students would create expanded course options.

If the two schools were to combine, a new at-large school board would be created within the new district’s boundaries. The new board would then decide which facilities would be used, any future renovations projects if any, and any staffing needs or concerns.

If consolidation is agreed to by the current separate boards, a committee of 10 would be formed to start the process of further research and data collection surrounding the consolidation up to and including setting the new district’s tax levy, creating the district reorganization, and creating the referendum to be placed on the ballot to be voted on during the next consolidated election. The Regional Office of Education also has to sign off on the consolidation approval before consolidation hits the ballot box.

The feasibility study and the presentation by Midwest School Consultants is currently available on both the Winchester and Bluffs’ school district’s websites.