Supply Chain Issue Causing Delay at Washington Elementary Renovation

By Benjamin Cox on August 26, 2022 at 12:08pm

I-Beams being set for the outer walls of the new gym at Washington Elementary. (Courtesy of Jacksonville School District 117)

One major delay may hang up the Washington Elementary School renovation.

Chief Engineer of Vision 117, Bob Roads says that the school’s main electrical panel could be a lengthy time away from arriving because of supply chain issues: “The only outstanding issue we have now in terms of equipment is the electrical panel. [Contractors] are claiming that may not be available until May. They are looking at options. One option would be to put in a temporary system to get the kids back in sooner, and then, taking that back out. I don’t think that will be preferred solution. The second option, which may be the preferred solution, is to break the panel down into multiple, [smaller] panels which they could conceivably get faster.”

Roads says that the only other problem so far has been the installation of the new HVAC system for the building: “The HVAC systems for the roofs are in place. They have had a lot of problems with the HVAC system in terms of there being a lot of unforeseen beams and brick walls associated with that building when we tore out the ceilings. The duct work is going to have to be re-routed.”

Despite all the slow downs and hang ups, Roads did say that the roof trusses were put on the gym and the rest will be on the way in the next two weeks. He says that most of the interior demolition at the site is complete. He said that the stairwells weren’t initially supposed to be tore out, but fell apart when the rest of the building was being demolished. He says new stairwells will be built as soon as possible.