Supreme Court Rejects Spire Stay on Operations

By Benjamin Cox on October 18, 2021 at 8:49am

A St. Louis Pipeline Company asking a stay from the Supreme Court to remain in operation has had that request rejected.

Chief Justice John Roberts has rejected a Supreme Court stay request from the Spire STL Pipeline to allow it to stay in operation.

Roberts did not comment Friday in refusing to temporarily pause a lower court order affecting the operation of the pipeline. Roberts handles emergency appeals to the Supreme Court in cases arising in the federal courts in Washington, D.C.

The company could be forced to stop operating the pipeline on Dec. 13 unless the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission extends an emergency order granted in September.

President of Spire, Scott Smith, said in a released statement that the company was disappointed in the decision and worried it would disrupt service for its customers in the St. Louis area in the middle of winter.

Smith said Spire “retains the ability to return to the Supreme Court for emergency relief if new developments further threaten its ability to serve its customers.”

The 65-mile pipeline extends from Scott County to the north, through Greene and portions of Jersey County to the Metro East.