T-Mobile Buys Out U.S. Cellular, Questions About Jacksonville Retail Locations Up in the Air

By Benjamin Cox on May 31, 2024 at 6:02am

U.S. Cellular customers in the region are going to be paying their bill to a new owner soon.

T-Mobile is buying U.S. Cellular’s wireless operations and certain spectrum assets in a deal valued at $4.4 billion according to reports on Tuesday.

According to the Associated Press, T-Mobile would get more than 4 million new customers and control of U.S. Cellular’s wireless operations and about 30% of spectrum assets across several spectrum bands. T-Mobile will also enter into a new master license agreement on more than 2,000 towers and extend the lease term for the approximately 600 towers where T-Mobile is already a tenant.

With the acquisition of UScellular by T-Mobile, UScellular customers will gain access to T-Mobile’s nationwide network. Likewise, T-Mobile users will have access to UScellular’s network in areas that previously had limited coverage.

Inquiries on what will happen with the current US Cellular retail location at 1900 West Morton Avenue and the new T-Mobile location being built in the 1800 block of West Morton Avenue have not been answered.

The transaction is expected to close in mid-2025 pending approval by the U.S. Department of Justice’s anti-trust division.