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WLDS holds check presentation of charitable proceeds from 2018 All-Star Basketball Classic

The fortieth annual All Star Basketball Classic was held on March 23rd at the JHS Bowl. The event highlights senior boys’ basketball players from across West Central Illinois and supports designated charitable foundations. This year, the All-Star Basketball Classic raised money for the New Directions Heating and Cooling Center, the Morgan County Mother’s Against Drunk Driving chapter, and Camp Courage. WLDS’ Gary Scott and Mark Whalen met with officials from each of the three organizations today at the Country Financial Office on Tendick Street near Lincoln Square.

Ken Finkle, Jan Schumm, and Sue Brosmith accepted a portion of the proceeds of the All Star game as board members and representatives for New Directions Warming and Cooling Center.

Sue Brosmith is honored to participate as a board member, having recently served as Vice President of New Directions for six years.

“New Directions is run 100% on donations. The only set money we get each year is through United Way, and we certainly appreciate their grants. Donations like this allow for us to have extra things for our guests at the shelter.”

Brosmith and everyone at New Directions are humbled by both all they can do for the community and all the community has granted them to continue their services.

“It’s truly thrilling that the community still trusts us and that they embrace us with their love and their generosity.”

Eddie Lowe is a Board Member and the Interim Nurse at Camp Courage, held one week every July. Lowe discusses the friendship and happiness he sees and experiences every summer and the blessings for everyone that week.

“Anything that benefits camp is a wonderful thing to happen. It would be nice if everyone could come out and experience the joy… Donations like this go to defer the costs and increase the enjoyment that the kids have at Camp Courage each summer.”

George Murphy was also present, representing the MADD chapter in Morgan County.

Stay tuned to WLDS to hear more regarding the Forty-First Annual All Star Basketball Classic for next March.

[Pictured, left to right: Rick Pettitt, George Murphy, Gary Scott, Ken Finkle, Eddie Lowe, Jan Schumm, Sue Brosmith, Mark Whalen]