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Kidney Mobile returns to Passavant Area Hospital for free screenings first Tuesday in June

A type of disease more deadly than breast and prostate cancer combined is in the spotlight at an annual event coming to Passavant Hospital next week.

The eleventh annual Kidney Mobile visit to Jacksonville will be next Tuesday, June 5th, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. in the main lobby of Passavant Area Hospital’s campus at 1600 West Walnut.

One in three adults is at risk for kidney disease in the United States. Anyone 18 or older can be screened. A few walk-ins will be accepted. Passavant asks that anyone who knows they would like a kidney screening on June 5th to please call 217-479-5800 to make a personal reservation.

Julie Gound is the Director of Educational Services at Passavant, as well as the Coordinator of the Kidney Mobile’s annual visit to the hospital’s campus. As a recent guest of WLDS’ AM conversation, Gound described the partnership between Passavant Hospital Foundation and the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois and its benefits for the Jacksonville community.

The Kidney Mobile is brought to the Jacksonville community by the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois, whose goal is to provide the health and well-being of people at risk for or affected by kidney disease through prevention, education, and empowerment. Passavant’s mission is to improve the health and communities of the people we serve. It’s our honor to partner together to bring this valuable screening to the Passavant community. To date, we have screened over one thousand community members, some of which we’ve been able to refer to physicians for diagnosis of kidney disease, hypertension, and diabetes. They had no indications or awareness that they were at risk.”

Gound lays out the process of testing that everyone will partake in to receive a full analysis.

When they come in on June 5th, they will come through our main entrance and we’ll get them registered. They’re going to have their blood pressure and waist circumference checked, as well as a blood glucose reading and urinalysis. If they have abnormal results on those initial tests, they may receive a blood test for serum creatinine and GFR (glomerular filtration rate). Those are tests that estimate kidney function. Then, we will go over all those results with the patient and then they can be referred on to further care if needed.”

Gound says most blood testing won’t happen on the day of the Kidney Mobile visit, and also says why anyone who wants a screening does not need to worry about the night before.

If they have to have a blood draw, they will get a letter from the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois later in the mail. All the other preliminary tests are given to them right there, and the best thing is there’s no cost. It’s free of charge, and you don’t need to be fasting for the testing.”

Passavant and the Kidney Mobile Staff will be screening for things like high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, and diabetes. Tours of the Kidney Mobile will also be available to those interested. To reserve your spot for this event in advance, call 217-479-5800. To learn more about the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois, go to nkfi.org.

To hear more from Julie Gound regarding Passavant and the Kidney Mobile, go to our news page right here at WLDS.com.