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Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputies seize 150 lbs. of marijuana from SUV on car hauler, no arrests made

You may remember that Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputies made a drug bust right before the beginning of 2018. An RV was searched off Loves Drive in South Jacksonville, and Deputies seized one thousand pounds of marijuana with a street value of five million-dollars. Two people were apprehended and arrested in connection with that crime.

Well, they’ve done it again, although it wasn’t quite one thousand pounds this time.

According to a statement released by the Morgan County Sheriff’s office, on April 16th at around 8:10 AM, Morgan County Deputies, investigating a suspicious SUV on a car hauler parked on Loves Drive, seized approximately 150 pounds of high-grade cannabis with an estimated street value of over four hundred thousand dollars. An Illinois State Police K9 unit responded to the location and assisted Deputies. The one pound packages of cannabis were located inside all four of the SUV’s tires as well as in two spare tires and in all four doors. Morgan County Deputies were assisted in the investigation by the Illinois State Police, Central Illinois Enforcement Group, and the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.

According to a statement from the Chief Deputy of the Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, no arrests were made at the time of seizure due to the SUV being one of many in the car hauler and the only vehicle in question. The driver of the hauler was completely cooperative with Deputies and investigators, and no evidence could be found that the driver was aware of the marijuana. The SUV was last registered in the city of Merced, California.