TEOSA Organizes Cleaning Day in Hopes of Opening in Early December

By Gary Scott on November 24, 2020 at 4:06pm

The keys to the new TEOSA have been secured, but much volunteering will be needed to get it open before the colder weather. The TEOSA is set to be located at 948 N. Main in Jacksonville however the building will need to be cleaned before it can open. 

The Jacksonville Police Chaplain, Alan Bradish, has organized a cleaning day for this Friday: “Friday, November 27th, that’s this Friday, we’re going to have a cleaning day from 9-12 in the morning, and invite anyone who is interested in coming to help clean up the facility. [We are] encouraging everyone who comes to bring their own cleaning material and implements like brooms and dustpans, mops and brushes, cleaning supplies to clean bathrooms and sinks and the shower, and even rakes and bags to clean out side, you know sponges rags all those good things. That will be from 9-12 at 948 N. Main.” 

Additionally, this Friday will also be a day in which citizens can drop off in supplies they are hoping to donate to the shelter: “Then Friday afternoon, I know a lot of people have been saving for the TEOSA to help make it run smoothly like sheets and blankets, personal hygiene, and things of that nature, we’re going to have a drop off in the afternoon from 1-4. People can come and drop off  those things that they’ve been saving up and wanted to donate. We will receive them at that time.”

For people interested in volunteering at the shelter once it is open, the first training will be Saturday, November 28th from 2PM-4PM with the other three all falling on Monday, November 30th from 10AM-12PM, 2PM-4PM, and 6PM-8PM. Overnight volunteers will only be required to attend one of the training sessions.

If interested in volunteering further, please contact Bradish by phone at (217) 719-9358 or by email at jpdchaplain@gmail.com.