The Jacksonville Promise Evening of Promise Dinner Raises Over $20,000

By Jeremy Coumbes on October 25, 2019 at 8:39pm

The Jacksonville Promise Scholarship Program Evening of Promise dinner at Hamilton’s.

The evening of dinner and entertainment helped kick off the new fundraising year for the program.

Charlotte Warren, President of Lincoln Land Community College, Dr. Beverly Rodgers, newly installed President of MacMurray College and Pr resident of Illinois College Dr. Barbara Farley, each spoke that the event, informing the audience of each schools recent successes in enrollment and how the Jacksonville Promise Program has had an impact felt by each of the institutions.

Dr. Charles Sheaff, with the Jacksonville Promise group, included in his remarks, a report on the fundraising year that just closed in September.

Dr. Sheaff reported that the campaign raised $89,500 which is being used to

pay $2500 scholarships to 30 students in the area.

September of 2017 to September of 2018, $119,000 was raised and 36 scholarships of $2500, were awarded.

Dr. Sheaf noted that of that $119,000, $16,773 was not for scholarships, but was in the form of 4 separate support grants for training personnel and reimbursing overhead from the Tracy Family Foundation, and that support from the Findley Family Foundation also contributed to the success that year.

The program will have reserves of around $100,000 after paying this year’s scholarship support to scholars.

Dr. Sheaf hopes that this will allow Jacksonville Promise raise the award level for the next round of scholarships.

Last night’s event raised $25,700 for the start of the new fundraising year. Dr. Sheaf said It was the highest attendance yet for the annual fundraiser, with just over 130 in