Third Public Forum For Winchester High School Building Project Set for Tomorrow Night

By Benjamin Cox on April 23, 2024 at 3:44pm

The final public hearing about the Winchester High School building is being held tomorrow night.

The district administration and school board are seeking the public’s input on the three options to either renovate or replace the current Winchester High School building.

The building is currently 103 years old and poses several operations and maintenance hurdles both for the district’s employees, students, and its finances.

Superintendent Kevin Blankenship says that the whole process with the public meetings is allowing residents to make informed decisions on what comes next: “We want to provide the information and the data, provide the facts so that all of our parents and community members have them to make an informed decision. I would encourage anyone to come to the forum. We’ve been very open. We’ve set things up so people can ask questions. They can call me directly. They can set up appointments with my office administrator. I don’t have a problem meeting with folks and having these discussions. They can also email me at the school if they prefer to ask questions that way. I really would encourage everyone to come to the forum on April 24th.”

Blankenship says more opportunities to speak to the community and various civic groups are also forthcoming. The third public hearing session is scheduled from 6:30-8PM tomorrow night at the Winchester Grade School Gym.