Three-county car chase ends without injuries, major damages

By Benjamin Cox on November 29, 2018 at 8:00am

A Springfield man is being held in the Greene County jail on a variety of charges after leading law enforcement on a reckless chase through roadways and areas spanning three local counties.

Charges filed in Greene County against 32 year old Aaron Barker, of Springfield, include aggravated fleeing and eluding police, driving with a revoked license, speeding, disobeying traffic control devices, possession of stolen property and resisting arrest.

According to Jacksonville Police reports, the initial collision that led Barker to begin to flee in a red, 4-door vehicle was a hit and run accident involving Barker and a Rid-All Pest Control truck on Mound Avenue at Massey Lane in Jacksonville. After several hours, and with a chase map spread across a good chunk of West Central Illinois, Barker was stopped with the Pursuit Intervention Technique, also known as a PIT maneuver, in Roodhouse, specifically performed by a member of the Greenfield Police Department.

Roodhouse Police Chief Kyle Robison explains how his agency became involved in attempting to remove Barker from the road.

“Our department was involved in the pursuit that took place from Scott County. We sent officers to assist, as we had spike strip capabilities. I know our officers tried to stop the suspect by using the spike strips, and that he somehow got around the spike strips set up. He came toward 67, and ultimately we learned he was headed towards Roodhouse.

Robison describes the course of events as Barker entered his agency’s immediate jurisdiction.

“He came in to Roodhouse, and right there at the north end around Garner’s and Cane Avenue, went around a second set of spike strips, then came around the business and back on to 67. He then went up a hill near Simmons Street and hit another vehicle. I think if he made it any further it could have been a very bad situation. He then tried to take off and run from law enforcement. He actually tried to get into someone’s truck, which was actually pulled over because of this incident, in an apparent attempt to take the truck. At that point, he was apprehended by law enforcement and taken into custody shortly thereafter.”

Robison offers his thoughts on the excellent cooperation between the different law enforcement agencies involved.

“Everybody was really conscientious of the time of day, with a lot of traffic and school letting out. We had several officers at the school cross in case the pursuit went in that direction. I remember hearing on the radio several officers coordinating and staying very conscientious of how the subject was driving. Everyone did their part and were aware of what the stakes were. It honestly seemed as if this guy had no concern for any human life, including his own, based on the way he was driving.”

Barker remains behind bars at the Greene County Jail.