Ticket Sales Popping for Kiwanis Pancake and Sausage Day

By Gary Scott on March 3, 2021 at 9:57am

Ticket sales for this year’s Kiwanis Pancake and Sausage fundraiser are running ahead have surpassed early sales from years past.

            That’s music to the ears for the two co-chair people for this year’s campaign..Lori Large Oldenettel

 And Marci Patterson.

            This year’s event does NOT include in person dining at McClelland Dining Hall. The hall will serve as the staging and cooking area for a drive thru service.

            Oldenettel says the event is less than two weeks away..March 15th.

            She says the drive through will use the Routt Catholic High School parking lot, and there will be plenty of people to monitor traffic and guide people to where they need to go.

            Oldenettel does not expect the number of people served to change.

              That means serving over 5-thousand people. Oldenettel says over 15-hundred tickets have been sold so far.

            Routt Catholic High School closes for the day to allow for Kiwanis to use the parking lot. Mike Hayes is allowing Kiwanis to use the dining hall.