Time Running Out to Get Jacksonville Night Tickets

By Jeremy Coumbes on May 11, 2022 at 11:36am

Time is running out to get your tickets for this year’s Jacksonville Night at Busch Stadium.

The annual event is this Saturday when the Cardinals take on the San Francisco Giants at 1:15 pm. Shelley Singleton who organizes the event each year says as of the last count Tuesday, there are only 31 tickets remaining for the game and all of the tickets are great seats.

I’m really thrilled with what we’ve been able to do and Petefish, Skiles, and Co. Bank has all the tickets that are left and that number keeps going down down down so if you want to go now’s the chance. We still have really good seats too, don’t think that we have nose bleeds. All of our seats are down in the 100’s, from 127 to 133 this year so they’ll be great seats.”

Singleton says in years past she has sold close to 1,000 tickets, and although close, this year’s game hasn’t sold quite that many. She says much of the reason for the decline at this point was the Major League Baseball lockout and labor negotiations.

She says she usually has the tickets in hand in January or February each year, however, due to the lockout, she only had 40 to 45 days to get all the tickets spoken for. Singleton says a performance by the Jacksonville Drumline kicks off what should be a fun day and night.

Those kids are just super excited and will be performing at twelve o’clock in the Ford Theater there kind of back behind center field. C.D. Davidsmeyer I understand has been practicing a little bit to get out there and throw his strike. And then we have an after-party at Don’s because we figured it’s only a 1:15 pm game and it won’t even be dark on your way home. So why not stop in at Don’s and the Hot Town Trio will be playing so we’ll just make a whole day of it and have a celebration when we get back to Jacksonville.”

Proceeds from Jacksonville Night at Busch Stadium benefit the Jacksonville Tree Project. Tickets are still available at Petefish Skiles and Co. Bank on South Main Street or you can order them via the jaxnight.com website, or by messaging the Jacksonville Night at Busch Stadium Facebook page. Tickets are $55 at the bank and $58 if purchased online.