Traffic Crashes & Rollovers Dot the Entire Listening Area As Travel Conditions Worsen

By Benjamin Cox on November 11, 2019 at 2:11pm

A Ford F-150 rollover accident occurred just East of the WLDS/WEAI Studios at approximately 2PM this afternoon. Local, county, and state police have been busy dealing with similar accidents throughout the listening area this afternoon.

Illinois State Police, Morgan County Sheriff’s Deputies, and local police have handled several crashes and rollover accidents in the listening area this afternoon. Road conditions continue to deteriorate as snow and frozen accumulation piles up. Road conditions have deteriorated on Interstate 55, with strong winds, blowing snow, and ice covered roadways.

ISP Lieutenant J.W. Price advises motorists to slow way down, stay in the clear lane of travel, leave a large following distance, or forgo travel plans until the weather improves late this evening. Locally, county officials have dealt with several traffic crashes and at least two rollover accidents within the city’s limits. Snow is expected to stop some time around 7PM this evening.