Two men walk away from reported rollover crash north of Jacksonville

By Benjamin Cox on June 28, 2019 at 10:13am

Two people were reportedly uninjured after a rollover crash north of Jacksonville.

According to official reports from the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department, a vehicle owned by 26 year old Keaton Boehler, of the 500 block of Hacker Road, was listed in regards to an apparent rollover crash. Deputies responded shortly after 11:15 pm to the 1800 block of Hacker Road.

Though the vehicle is registered to Boehler, he is not listed as driver or occupant in the vehicle that supposedly rolled over.

The call came in to deputies that at 11:11 pm, Boehler’s vehicle rolled over on to its top within a field in the 1800 block of Hacker Road. There were two male occupants of the vehicle and both were able to exit the vehicle without needing to be extricated.

According to deputies, both men were verbally responsive and were able to tell the law enforcement officers they were okay. Reports also say both men seemed to be intoxicated in some capacity. No arrests seem to have been made in regards to this rollover crash.