Two Missouri men arrested for meth offenses after traffic stop

By Benjamin Cox on January 4, 2019 at 8:50am

Scott County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested two men from Missouri Wednesday evening for meth-related charges after a traffic stop on Interstate 72.

According to the Morgan County Jail press release from Thursday morning, two men were taken into custody at the Morgan County detention facility between midnight and 2:30.

32 year old Rolando Reyes-Espinoza, of Raymore, Missouri has been charged with controlled substance trafficking, possession of methamphetamine between 15 & 100 grams, and possession, manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance: specifically barbituates, analogue drugs, or methamphetamine, but it will soon be reported that Reyes-Espinoza was not in possession of any contraband. According to Morgan County Sheriff Mike Carmody, Reyes-Espinoza was unable to offer staff at the jail adequate identification, being in apparent possession of only an I.D. from the country Honduras.

The other individual arrested is 26 year old Brett Marler-Norton, of Sedalia, Missouri. A listing of Marler-Norton’s charges shows controlled substance trafficking, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving with a suspended license. There is also a charge of possession, manufacture or delivery of a controlled substance: barbituate, analogs, or methamphetamine.

Scott County Sheriff Tom Eddinger says how Marler-Norton was reportedly involved.

“When the stop was conducted, Brett Marler-Norton was in possession of the methamphetamine.”

Sheriff Eddinger explains the course of the traffic stop, search, and then investigation.

“The traffic stop was conducted on I-72 at approximately mile marker 44 by a Scott County deputy. The officer stopped the vehicle, and a search was conducted of the vehicle and all the occupants of the vehicle. That’s when law enforcement found about 56 grams of methamphetamine on Marler-Norton.”

Sheriff Eddinger offers additional information in regards to the investigation.

“A hypodermic needle and a glass pipe were also both found on Marler-Norton as well. There was no contraband found on Reyes-Espinoza.”

Sheriff Eddinger also said there was a female in the vehicle that apparently moved into the driver seat, allowing the original driver Marler-Norton to then get into the passenger seat once the traffic stop had begun.