United Way gets fundraiser boost from Qik-n-EZ

By Ryne Turke on September 8, 2016 at 6:02am

Co-chair Stephanie Chipman filling up for United Way

Prairieland United Way has collected over $60,000 after just a week of fundraising.

Executive Director Karen Walker says the strong start shows Prairieland United Way’s dedication to reach the $530,000 campaign goal.

Walker says the campaign got a friendly boost from Qik-n-EZ after the local gas station donated five cents for every gallon of gas or diesel sold on Friday.

“They sold $11,947 gallons of fuel. It comes to a little under $600. That is money we didn’t have before and we are so excited to have that in our total. My goal is to have more gas stations on board with us,” says Walker.

Walker says Prairieland United Way will see a big jump in funding when the workplace campaigns get going.

“We’re just starting to set up those schedules. With the kickoff, that is kind of what we do. We get the businesses involved and start make our workplace presentations.”

Prairieland United Way works with roughly 70 local businesses. Anyone interested in helping the campaign is encouraged to call 245-4557.