Update on Godfrey Park gazebo in South Jacksonville

By Ryne Turke on May 26, 2016 at 8:05am

Progress has been slow for the gazebo being constructed in South Jacksonville’s Godfrey Park.

Since the original gazebo was torn down in October, trustee Stacey Pinkerton estimates volunteers are working on the new gazebo around twice a month.

“The people I have that are willing to help me have to finish up other projects before they get to this. We are down to cutting for the posts and shaping the way they need to be. After that, we can start putting the railing up,” says Pinkerton.

Pinkerton says village residents will appreciate how much South Jacksonville is saving by using volunteer help.

“We’re saving anywhere from $10,000 on up. The materials are already there, and there is nothing left to buy. We just have to put it together. It has been in the makings for a long time, and I understand that. There is a lot of complications, and we’re just trying to get it done. Unfortunately, it is taking longer than anticipated, but that happens.

Anyone with construction experience who wishes to volunteer with the project should contact Pinkerton at 217-473-3388.