Vacant Home Ignites In Roodhouse Fire

By Benjamin Cox on March 28, 2023 at 8:55am

Roodhouse Firefighters battled a blaze at an abandoned home yesterday evening.

The Roodhouse Fire Department was dispatched at approximately 5:30 yesterday evening to a structure fire at 432 West Palm.

Fire Chief Terry Hopkins says that a nearby fire led up to an abandoned home that quickly caught on fire: “Apparently, they had been burning some stuff in the back yard. It seems to have made a fire trail up to that house. It’s been at least 18-19 years since anybody lived in it, and it was pretty bad. It also had no windows and [the fire] got a lot of air so it went up really fast. We used the White Hall Fire Department for mutual aid. Other than that, there was no exposure damage to any surrounding properties and no injuries, so that’s always the best thing in these situations.”

Fire crews made on scene for a approximately two hours completing observation and suppression of any spots.