Village of Bluffs Receives Money For New Flagpole

By Benjamin Cox on April 17, 2019 at 6:43am

Jack Moore, a long time Bluffs resident and businessman who passed in December 2009, had his memory honored by the Village of Bluffs with the purchase of a flagpole that will be placed in front of village hall. Moore was a near-lifetime resident of Bluffs, growing up on the Moore Family Farm just south of the village of Bluffs. Moore also served as President of the Bank of Bluffs, ran a country store, served on the Village Board, and was a Scott County Commissioner.

Village Mayor Linda Sapp outlines the details behind the flagpole.
“We didn’t know it, but Jack left a trust. In that trust, he gave the city $41,000. It had no stipulations with it. He was always doing things for the town and he wanted to see Bluffs prosper. With the money, though we have several projects that we need money for, we are going to take a small portion of that – around $5000 – and put up a 40-foot flagpole.”

Sapp hopes the large flagpole will be a beacon for highway drivers in both directions and draw attention to the Village Hall located off the highway. In other business, the Village of Bluffs is looking to purchase a new police car, a new water tower, and renovate buildings in their business district.

“We are trying to get our new police car funded because we are in desperate need of one. We’ve been given some money for that and some donations. I’m so appreciative to the railroad, to Wal-Mart, and to Ameren for their donations. The police car is high on our list.”

Mayor Sapp details the community calendar coming up that is in the final process of approval and having details sorted out. “We are having our annual picnic and burgoo with a fun day planned for that starting at 9AM going to 9PM on August 17th. The parade will begin at 10AM. Every Tuesday during the month of June and July, we will be having what we are calling the Bluffs Market at the center of downtown. We are in the process of working out the final details of that.”

The Village of Bluffs’ next board meeting will be May 8th at Village Hall located at 300 South Bluffs Street.