Village of Chapin Seeing Turnover in Administration, ATV Use Issue Still On Table

By Benjamin Cox on August 27, 2021 at 11:59am

The Village of Chapin is looking to replace two members of its administration and still has lingering questions surrounding ATV usage in the village.

Village President Ken Drake announced his resignation to board members on August 13th. According to the Cass County Star Gazette, Drake said in his resignation letter that he had a differences in goals for the direction the village should take with particular trustees.

Also, on August 13th, Village Public Works Superintendent Dalton Surratt announced his resignation effective on August 20th after he had taken employment elsewhere.

The Village of Chapin also saw their long-time treasurer Wendy Bridgewater resign early this year.

According to sources, Drake’s resignation appears to revolve somewhat around the questions still surrounding ATV usage on the village’s streets. According to the Star Gazette, the village trustees are split on the issue of banning them all together or allowing them additional safety and enforcement measures. The August 18th meeting was the second meeting on the issue in less than a month dealing with the issue. Trustees have voted to table the issue until their September business meeting.

There has been no indication who the village will select as their President pro temp in lieu of Drake’s resignation.