Village of South Jacksonville to Flush Hydrants Next Week

By Benjamin Cox on October 2, 2020 at 5:55pm

Village of South Jacksonville residents can expect fire hydrants to be flushed throughout the village beginning on Monday. Streets Superintendent John Green says the flushing will be all over the village for the duration of the week of October 5th: “There could be some discolored water. We try to get word out there as much as possible, and posted on our website so everybody is aware of what’s going on. It is a week long process, so it will be taking place Monday through Friday. The discoloration is just temporary. Some neighborhoods may experience it more than others, but it is still safe to drink.”

Green says that village residents who are looking for alternatives to leaf pick up can purchase stickers for Area Sanitation to pick up bags of leaves, but the village will not be doing leaf pick up this year due to lack of manpower: “The only alternative is to bag them up and put them curbside for Area to pick up. You can purchase stickers here at Village Hall or Area’s site out on Route 104.”

Cost of the stickers are $3.50 each and are available during business hours at both locations Monday through Friday.