Village of South Jacksonville To Have New Website Soon

By Benjamin Cox on September 3, 2019 at 12:34pm

The Village of South Jacksonville will have a new, easier to navigate website soon. Village President Harry Jennings explains: “We are at the final stages of our website design in just trying to get everything online, making it a lot more user friendly, and getting information there. That way people will have the information and make it really easy to get to.”

Jennings explains some of the new features. “Well, you’ll be able to pay your water bill online. It’s also going to be easier to contact individuals, elected officials, and the department heads [within the village.] Eventually, we’re going to have all of our ordinances will be online. All of our minutes will be online. All the agendas will be online. All that important information that people go to most often they’ll be able to find and it’ll be easier to find. It’ll all be on the website soon.”

Jennings says that the website will also be a spot for another key feature to the village. “We are going to have all the businesses in town on the website. We’re going to try to showcase all the businesses on our website. There are a lot – a lot more than people think sometimes, so there is a lot there to keep up with but we are going to showcase all the businesses on the new website.”

Village I-T Specialist Adam Martin said that a lot of the content from the old website is still in the process of being sorted and updated. He will be updating pictures and graphics and begin building the business page for final approval of the village board of trustees. The original date of September 5th was the original “go-live” date but the trustees verbally agreed last night that it will be pushed back until the entire website is completely ready. The trustees also asked to consult with Village Attorney Roland Cross on how far back minutes and official documentation must be held on the website for public viewing. Within a few weeks though, Martin believes that the website will be ready for residents to use.