Village Storm Debris Needs to be Curbside by November 24th, Leaf Pick-Up Continues

By Jeremy Coumbes on November 17, 2021 at 3:20pm

Storm clean-up efforts in the Village of South Jacksonville are nearing completion.

Public Works Superintendent for the Village, John Green says that overall the clean-up has gone fairly smooth since the storm that ravaged a three-block-wide area along Vandalia on the evening of October 24th.

Green says all storm-related debris needs to be out on the curb by Wednesday, November 24th. He says residents need not worry if only part of the debris is picked up at one time.

I wouldn’t say there is quite a bit, but there is still stuff out there that we are picking up, but we are whittling it down. We’ve made two and three passes through most streets so we are getting closer.

When we get done with the tree debris then we will come back at a separate time and get building materials that are out on the curb.”

Green says he does not want residents to think his department won’t be picking up the building materials, but they have to be taken to a separate location for disposal so trucks will be making two pick-up sweeps for each type of debris.

Green says the ongoing storm clean-up has not affected the fall leaf pick-up, and that will continue.

The first week we were still pretty heavy into picking up storm damage. But the leaves hadn’t changed and dropped yet so there was nothing to pick up yet. Last week and this week we’ve taken the Tuesday away from the storm pick up and focused on the leaves. So we are on schedule and are keeping up with both of them.”

The Village of South Jacksonville Fall Leaf Pick Up ends November 30th. Storm debris must be placed at the curbside no later than November 24th.