Virden PD Says Alert Citizen Fends Off Illegal Solicitor

By Benjamin Cox on May 11, 2023 at 2:55pm

The Virden Police say that an alert citizen was able to fend off a scammer yesterday.

In a post to their Facebook Page, Virden Police officers received a report of a male subject soliciting and trying to gain personal information yesterday afternoon.

While attempting to solicit information from a resident, the citizen found the questioning to be suspicious and immediately called police with the description of the individual and his direction of travel.

Virden officers were able to make contact with the individual who parked over a block away and appeared to have walked down the alleyway from the reporting caller’s residence. The individual claimed to work for an insurance company but was unable to provide any identification or information to prove this claim. This subject was identified and not from the area. Also, this subject did not have a permit to solicit in the city limits. Officers say the individual has left the city.

The post praised the citizen for reporting the activity to police. The Virden Police Department wishes to remind the public to report any type of suspicious activity to your local police department, as it may be a scam.