Virginia, IL Man Sentenced For Child Pornography Case

By Benjamin Cox on July 25, 2022 at 8:52pm

A Virginia, Illinois man is heading to prison after pleading guilty to possession and dissemination of child pornography.

40 year old Jared A. Logsdon pleaded guilty to four separate charges of child pornography today in Cass County Court.

In April 2020, the Illinois State Police’s Division of Criminal Investigation Zone 4 agents initiated an investigation into Logsdon’s online activities after learning that a subject was distributing child pornography via a social media application. During the course of the investigation, ISP Investigators assigned to the Office of the Illinois Attorney General Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force gathered evidence supporting the issuance of a search warrant at Logsdon’s residence. Logsdon was arrested without incident by ISP troopers, ICAC taskforce members, and Cass County Sheriff’s Deputies at his residence subsequent to the execution of the warrant.

In March in Cass County Court during pre-trial hearings, Logsdon was evaluated for mental fitness at the request of his defense counsel prior to the plea agreement and was found fit to stand trial by Dr. Terry Killian.

Cass County State’s Attorney Craig Miller explains the 9 charges that were brought against Logsdon at the time of his arrest: “Count 1 & 2 are Class X felonies and specifically are child pornography either disseminating pictures or obtaining those pictures. The reason those are Class X compared to the Class 1 & 2 felonies like the rest of the charges are, is if the state was able to prove that the minor depicted in those images or videos is under the age of 13. The Class 1 felonies are essentially the same thing but it just lacks an element that the state needs to prove that the minor is under the age of 13, but rather simply some over the age of 18 is disseminating pictures or videos of someone who they knew or should have reasonably known was a minor.”

The two Class X felonies and 3 Class 2 felonies of child pornography reproduction were dropped per the plea. Logsdon plead guilty to 2 Class 1 felonies and 2 Class 2 felonies of child pornography production/dissemination/possession.

The Class 1 felonies carried a sentence of 6 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections on each charge, which are to be served consecutively. The Class 2 felonies carried a sentence of 3 years in IDOC on each charge, which are also to be served consecutively – resulting in Logsdon’s full term in IDOC being 18 years in total. Logsdon will also have 2 years of Mandatory Supervised Release and must register as a sex offender for the remainder of his life upon release. Logsdon was given credit for 168 days served in the Schuyler County Jail.