Virginia Man Arrested For Animal Cruelty & Torture Charges

By Benjamin Cox on May 27, 2022 at 6:12am

Cass County Sheriff’s Deputies arrested a Virginia man on Wednesday for cruel treatment to animals.

According to the Cass County Sheriff’s Office, deputies were dispatched on Wednesday evening to an address in Virginia or a report of animal neglect.

According to KHQA, the caller reported a man was using an object to beat a German Shepard outside of his home. Additionally, deputies said they discovered additional evidence that other mistreatment of the dog had happened days before.

Deputies then arrested 24 year old Enrique Rangel of the 200 block of Sylvan Street in Virginia for citations of animal torture and animal cruelty. First offenses for both crimes, according to Illinois law, are misdemeanors unless aggravating factors are seen by the court.

Cass County Sheriff Devron Ohrn said on the Sheriff’s Department Facebook Page that people who don’t have the means to properly care for their pets should not have one.

Rangel is currently being held without bond at the Morgan County Jail. Charges and a court date have not been set as of Friday morning.