Virginia Receives Write-In Bid for Mayor

By Benjamin Cox on March 4, 2021 at 3:02pm

The mayoral race in Virginia is now up to three with a recent write-in announcement.

The race was between an incumbent mayor and a challenger but now includes long-time Public Works Director, Randy McClure.

The Star-Gazette says this last year Virginia businessman Steve Clark and incumbent Mayor Reg Brunk announced they are both seeking candidacy. McClure said he received a lot of encouragement in regards to running for mayor. He says “His 47 years of experience as a public works employee gives him a good perspective on the things that need to be done in Virginia and the priority order in which they should be handled.”

McClure sees the need of updating some of the city’s infrastructure. He says “There is a lot of hard work ahead, and it is my hope and desire that we can work together to bring Virginia back to what is was, a city we can be proud of.” One of the ways to do that McClure said was completing a series of repairs around the city to be addressed.

The Star-Gazette points to McClure working for seven different mayors and keeping true to a philosophy from former Mayor Schaeffer if you treat everybody equally, no one has a right to complain and if you give respect, you get respect in return. McClure is wanting to hold true to that philosophy if voted for mayor. McClure says “I’m hoping the citizens of Virginia will look at my experience as the public works director and will write in my name for mayor.”