VOSJ Mayor Jennings Apologizes To Hill

By Benjamin Cox on August 6, 2019 at 8:18am

A Jacksonville official has apologized for behavior. South Jacksonville Mayor Harry Jennings issued a formal apology to the citizens of South Jacksonville and Trustee Jason Hill and his wife on Facebook overnight. Jennings offered his formal apology to Hill in regards to an incident that Jennings said that Hill stormed out of a meeting, but a video of the meeting showed that was not the case. Jennings also apologized for bringing up Hill’s wife’s job application to an office position publicly. Jennings called it a “humbling experience” and offered his sincerest apologies to Hill, his wife, and family.

Jennings and the village board of trustees have been at odds over an issue surrounding job descriptions in the village as well as conduct on social media. Jennings’ apology comes on the heels of a highly contentious meeting last week that saw tempers flare over both issues.