Voter Turnouts Yesterday

By Gary Scott on April 7, 2021 at 10:23am

Morgan County had the most voters cast ballots yesterday, but the lowest turnout of the four counties in the broadcast coverage area.

            The results from the clerk’s office show 3976 voters cast ballots yesterday. That’s a turnout of 17-point 6 percent. Add the 105 votes from nursing homes and absentee ballots, the total climbs to just over 4-thousand. That’s a turnout of 18.1 percent.

            Four years ago, the turnout was 32-hundred voters, or a turnout of 13-point-6 percent.

            The county with the top turnout in this area yesterday, was Cass County. The turnout hit 28-point-3 percent, or just over 22-hundred voters. Four years ago, the turnout climbed to over 3-thousand voters. That was a turnout of 38-point-4 percent.

            Scott County voters produced a turnout of nearly 24 and a half percent. That comes to 872 voters. The last election of similar structure that we can compare, in April of 2019, the turnout was 19-point-6 percent or 695 voters.

            And, Greene County had a turnout of just under 21-percent, or 1923 voters. The closest comparison for  us is April of 2 years ago, when Greene had a turnout of just over 9-percent.

            Morgan County votes will be confirmed tomorrow morning.