Waggener Reminds Public That Polling Places Remain Open Despite State COVID Mitigations

By Benjamin Cox on October 31, 2020 at 5:06pm

Early voting continued this morning at the Morgan County Courthouse until 1 o’clock this afternoon. Monday is the last day to early vote in the state before the Election on Tuesday.

Morgan County Clerk Jill Waggener wants to dispel any rumors that polling places will be closed under the new IDPH Tier 1 COVID mitigations set to start Sunday: “As far as the polls being open on Tuesday, everything will still be open from 6AM to 7PM. For people who still need to register and vote on Tuesday, that is only done in my office during those same hours 6AM to 7PM on Election Day.”


Waggener says her office has been extremely busy over the last week with early in-person voting as well as incoming mail-in ballots: “We have just been overwhelmed with the early voters in here. We are almost at 3,500 and we have probably had that many or close to it of vote-by-mail ballots. We seldom get to sit down and look at anything.”

Waggener also wants to remind people to be courteous on Tuesday: “Please be patient with us on Tuesday. It’s a whole new scenario for all of us. I’m asking voters that do go to the voting place to be considerate for the 5 or 10 minutes they are in there, and please wear a mask if at all possible. Happy Election Day to everyone.”

Waggener says that she has not been able to tabulate current mail-in ballots to provide numbers. She says she has also not been able to see if the current early in-person voting has surpassed 2016’s early voting totals during this election, but she believes they are getting close.