Washington Renovation Given July 25 Completion Date

By Benjamin Cox on October 21, 2022 at 10:02am

The Washington Elementary School renovation has been given a hard date to be completed.

Vision 117 Coordinator Bob Roads says that one portion of the renovation is complete: “Where we are at right now is where I would say as a rule of thumb, the demolition portion of the building is over. Everything that needed to be removed from the building essentially has been removed. We are in the process now of rehabilitating and adding the new things to the building.”

Roads says that a hard date for completion has been given for next summer: “With the current schedule I currently have, it has the project being done around July 25th. Essentially, what that sequence is that most of the work will be done yet this winter. The items which we’ll see go beyond this winter will be completion of the road system. They are not going to put the roads in until some time in the Spring. Then, as you’re aware of, we had problems with the delivery of the electrical panel. That’s not going to arrive until May. We have another couple of weeks of the construction of the electrical panel after that, and then, actually, the last thing that will be done is the new gym floor.”

Roads says that the new gym floor will have to acclimate to the updated HVAC system and the building temperature before it can be installed to keep with the floor’s warranty. He says that once the floor gets acclimated, it will take about 5 days to install the floor.

Roads says that teachers should be able to start coming into the new building by the first of July, with the completion date coming on July 25th.