Weekend Adoption Event Aims to Empty Morgan County Animal Shelter

By Jeremy Coumbes on October 29, 2021 at 12:01pm

A Beardstown woman says she wants to see the Morgan County Animal Shelter emptied of any animals currently held there.

Maggie Hea (Hee) of Beardstown and her family foster kittens for the Morgan County Animal Shelter and she says it’s now her mission to see that any animal currently held at the shelter has the chance to be adopted into a good home.

Hea is holding an adoption event this weekend in Jacksonville, and she says the effort is not as easy as just picking animals to put up for adoption, it takes medical procedures and the money to make it happen.

We’ve raised enough money to neuter five animals from the shelter in Morgan County, so I’m going to do an adoption event this weekend. On Saturday and Sunday I’ll have the animals out at Pet Supplies Plus, they are very generously allowing me to do the event there.

The pets will be ready to just walk out with their new owner, which is so exciting to me. And then I’ll also be taking donations from people and I’m just going to use all the money from the donations to neuter and meet the medical needs for five more animals, no matter what the animals are. And I want to empty that shelter, I want there to be no animals in there. I want them all to be in good homes, so that’s my goal.”

Hea says she is raising funds to help cover the medical costs required to make the animals eligible for adoption and any help that animal lovers in the community could give would help more animals find good homes.

I also have a GoFundMe page, and you can just go to the GoFundMe website and it’s called Animal Medical. If people even donated five dollars that would be really helpful. Because we have a veterinarian who is helping us. He’s doing all the surgeries and medical care for a discounted price, which is so helpful. So when somebody gives five dollars, it’s a lot of money to these animals, and I just appreciate it so much.”

Hea is planning to be at Pet Supplies Plus in Jacksonville one weekend each month to hold another adoption event. She says this weekend’s event will feature five cats of varying ages however dogs, cats, and any other animal that could be at the shelter and be eligible for adoption would be featured at future events.

The adoption will be held Saturday and Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm, at Pet Supplies Plus located at 1930 West Morton Avenue.

The Animal Medical GoFundMe page can be found at the link below.