West Central Joint Dispatch To Vote on Tower Upgrades For Greene, Calhoun Today

By Benjamin Cox on April 11, 2022 at 8:26am

West Central Joint Emergency Dispatch is addressing deficiencies in their telecommunication service in two counties with upgrades.

The joint dispatch will consider approving upgrades to radio tower service in Greene and Calhoun Counties today.

Coordinator Phil McCarty says that West Central Joint Dispatch is always looking for ways to improve their dispatch services, even if it is a little bit at a time: “We did the initial build out of the initial radio system back when we went online. Now, what we are doing is just updating the system to make it better for the first responders’ radio system. It’s never perfect. We are always looking for things to improve and make it better as funds become available. We are following up on an assessment that was done by Mission Critical Partners in assessing all the radio systems in Morgan, Greene, and Calhoun. This is just some of the first steps in the recommended improvements.”

McCarty says that Greene and Calhoun were chosen because of the challenging topography that cause radio signals to drop and sometimes lack service in certain areas. The upgrades are expected to be approved at the West Central Joint ETSB meeting this afternoon.