West Morton Express Cleaning Sold, To Be Renamed & Remain Open

By Benjamin Cox on November 18, 2019 at 7:35am

The final drying cycle is coming for a local dry cleaner. CJ Flynn, owner of West Morton Express Cleaning, is retiring and has sold the business, according to a report from the Journal Courier this morning. Flynn, who has been a part of the laundry and dry cleaning business since her parents owned and operated a laundromat when she was a child, has decided to retire and pursue personal pursuits after 51 years in the business.

Flynn has owned and operated her own dry cleaning businesses in the area at various addresses since 1980. She has been at her current address 907 West Morton Avenue since 1998. Flynn told the Journal Courier she has seen many changes in her business, especially with EPA regulations, since she has been in business.

Flynn moved her personal residence to Springfield three years ago and plans on pursuing personal time for a year before making a full-time decision on whether to pursue another career. The Laundromat has been sold to Ross Monk and Lori Quigg and will be renamed Monqui Suds Laundromat and Cleaners. There was no date given on when the change over will happen, but the coin-operated laundromat will continue operation.