White Hall Getting Lower Natural Gas Rates

By Benjamin Cox on November 4, 2023 at 5:58am

Another Greene County community is taking advantage of a recent decision made by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on natural gas rates.

The City of White Hall Clerk’s Office issued a notice today saying that they have received an order from FERC which will provide lower transportation rates charged by Panhandle Eastern Pipeline to the city’s customers.

The rates are expected to be 70-75% lower than those charged by Panhandle since March 2020. According to the White Hall City Clerk’s Office, due to the lower transportation cost, the city will be able to immediately lower gas rates to White Hall utility customers by 33-35%, starting with the gas used in October. The average reduction in cost to the average residential customer in White Hall could be between $300-$350.

Panhandle has filed for a rehearing from FERC on the issue. The City of Roodhouse also gave notice to its customers at the end of last month that they would be collecting money on a suit over the higher surcharges imposed by Panhandle beginning in 2020.