White Hall Rez Added to IDPH Fish Consumption Advisory List

By Benjamin Cox on May 12, 2022 at 2:37pm

The Illinois Department of Public Health announced updated consumption advisories today for fish caught in Illinois waters.

These changes are the result of continued sampling by the Illinois Fish Contaminant

Monitoring Program.

IDPH issued 7 new site-specific methylmercury advisories adding the White Hall Reservoir to the list. A statewide methylmercury advisory remains in place for all Illinois waters.

The statewide advisory cautions sensitive populations, namely pregnant women and young children, to eat no more than one meal per week of predatory fish, unless more restrictive site-specific advisories are in place due to elevated methylmercury levels.

For pregnant women, methylmercury exposure can cause impaired neurological development in babies.

For more information, fish advisories can be viewed on the IDPH fish advisories website.