White Hall To Update Water Treatment Plant

By Benjamin Cox on April 18, 2024 at 7:48am

The City of White Hall will see a major overhaul of its water treatment plant in the near future.

The Greene Prairie Press reports that the current water treatment plant on the east side of the city is nearing the end of its mechanical life, is not up to current EPA and building standards, and is currently fighting with high nitrates in the water system.

Bryan Cannon of Benton & Associates presented the White Hall City Council with an option at the city’s April 9th meeting. Rehabilitation of the existing plant and build a new nitrate removal system along with new filters and pumps.

The old filter and laboratory building will be torn down. The rehab project will see installation of a new nitrate removal system, Greensand filters, a new chemical feed system, laboratory, electrical, and control systems.

The new equipment and mostly new building will result in higher efficiency and lower labor costs to the city, according to Cannon. The new pump system will be designed to pump 700 gallons per minute to account for any potential growth in White Hall’s population or water needs in the future, as well as being a backup supply for any neighboring water systems.

The project is expected to cost approximately $6.8 million, with partial funding through a low interest loan and loan forgiveness through the Illinois EPA.

An approval of the approach for possible phases of the project are expected within the next month.