Winchester Adding Verizon Cell Tower

By Benjamin Cox on October 27, 2021 at 5:56pm

Verizon cellular coverage may soon be coming to the area. According to the Journal Courier, Towernorth Development of Massachusetts began constructing a tower near the City of Winchester’s sewage lagoons this week. Mid American Drilling Corporation began drilling for the tower in the middle of the month according to the Scott County Times last week.

Winchester Mayor Rex McIntire told the Times that the placement of the cellular tower was designed to be placed out of the way of city activities. McIntire went further to say that the quarter acre lot is being rented to Towernorth for $500 per month for the next five years. McIntire says that the City of Winchester has the option to extend the lease after 5 years with a 10% increase to rent upon each renewal. McIntire estimates that the cellular service should be up and running within the month.

Cellular coverage for Verizon became a concern more than 2 years ago when members of the State of Illinois Emergency Management Agency and the Pritzker Administration had zero cellular service during flood response.

According to the Journal Courier, the tower is expected to be 190 feet tall and provide some area of coverage to the area for Verizon users.