Winchester EMS, Scott Co. Commissioners Still Have No Audit, Contract

By Benjamin Cox on September 22, 2023 at 9:37am

The Scott County Special Service area tax has been collected but the EMS Service still has no signed contract.

The Scott County Times reports that the required audit of the Winchester EMS still has not been completed. President of the Winchester EMS Randy Dolen told the times that there is a disagreement on who can do the audit – the EMS auditor or the county auditor. Dolen says the county’s auditor is refusing to do the audit. Dolen says their organization has reached out to 6 different auditing firms with no takers. He says the main hold up is that non-profit organizations normally aren’t required to withstand an audit.

The commissioners said in a released statement that the audit was stipulated in the bid package and must be done before the release of any county funds and before the contract is agreed upon and signed. The commissioners said the collected tax money is currently sitting in an interest-bearing account until the audit is completed and the contract is signed.

Dolen has previously said, despite these disagreements with the county commissioners, the EMS service in the county will continue as usual.