Winchester to Celebrate First Responders This Weekend

By Jeremy Coumbes on October 13, 2022 at 9:41am

The City of Winchester is coming together to celebrate its first responders this weekend.

Saturday is the 1st ever Winchester area community First Responders Appreciation Day at the Scott County Fairgrounds and Winchester Monument Park.

Cindy Colbert, Pastor of Winchester Assembly Church says the event came about after she saw first responders in action earlier this year. “I had responded to a house fire that was in town and afterward when I was talking to some of our local firefighters and police officers, I found out that they had never ever had a first responders appreciation day in our community.

So I went to the mayor and he was absolutely excited and got 100% behind it. So that’s what we’re doing. The entire community has come together with several people sponsoring the event so it can be totally free for the community.”

Colbert says the only event this Saturday that will cost money will be a dunk tank which various community leaders have agreed to take turns sitting in with all of the proceeds going to the Winchester EMS Service.

Colbert says Winchester Mayor Rex McIntyre has agreed to be one of the first, if not the first leader to take a turn in the tank.

The First Responders Appreciation Day begins at noon with a ceremony of appreciation for the more than 60 first responders that serve the Winchester and Scott County area. A free lunch is being served at 1:00 pm. Colbert says the pulled pork is being donated and attendees are encouraged to bring a pot-luck-style covered dish, although it is not required to attend.

The event will also feature a gospel magic show, bounce houses, face painting, and friendship rock painting along with games and other attractions.

Anyone who wishes to volunteer to help and/or donate to the cause can contact Pastor Cindy Colbert at 573-231-2017, or email at

Colbert says the event begins at noon but no specific end time has been set for the event. She says as long as there are kids and adults alike enjoying the day and getting to know one another, especially the first responders, then they don’t plan to shut down right away.