Yohn Brings Series of Motions, Complains of Ill Treatment at Adams Co. Jail in 2021 Sex Assault, Car Jacking, & Home Invasion Case

By Benjamin Cox on February 3, 2023 at 9:07am

A Springfield man defending himself in Adams County Circuit Court in a November 2021 sexual assault, home invasion, and carjacking case complained and argued multiple motions during a hearing Wednesday.

35 year old Bradley Yohn appeared with special counsel, Adams County Public Defender Todd Nelson yesterday hoping to reach a resolution on multiple motions he’s filed in the case. Judge Roger Thomson addressed a motion to suppress that was filed by Yohn on June 22nd saying he wasn’t properly read his Miranda rights at the time of his arrest in Sangamon County. Muddy River News reports that Assistant State’s Attorney Josh Jones said there was nothing to suppress, so Thomson granted the motion.

Yohn was then asked about a motion of discovery. The motion was filed along with 4 others on December 21st. Yohn asked for a “full and complete” report of a video from Instant Replay, a Quincy bar, on Nov. 9, 2021. Jones told the court that video had already been turned over. A motion to suppress regarding phone calls from the Adams County Jail and a blood collection kit obtained by Dr. Scott Denton during autopsy of the victim Tina Schmitt was argued. Yohn then asked for a copy of the psychiatric history of Karen Blackledge, who was allegedly with Yohn on the night he assaulted Schmitt. Blackledge agreed on May 5 to serve two 20-year sentences to the Illinois Department of Corrections for her role in Yohn’s alleged crimes.

Muddy River News went on to report that Yohn asked for the disclosure of an evidence inventory receipt from the search of a home at 1906 East Carroll in Springfield, as well as an audio recording of an interview of Schmitt on Nov. 10, 2021 prior to her death. Yohn claimed video recordings of that interview are not complete because batteries went dead, and he claims statements Schmitt made are contradictory. Jones said he already has supplied Yohn with the two interviews but if a third interview exists, he will get it to him by the end of the week.

Thomson said if the receipt exists, it needs to be turned over to Yohn by Feb. 10th.

Yohn also argued against having extended media coverage of his case, saying it was a violation of his rights. Thomson said he had previously ruled on the media coverage and wasn’t changing his mind.

Yohn says he has not been receiving copies of documents from court proceedings. He also said he is receiving documents hand-delivered by jail personnel rather than through the U.S. Mail. He believes the information in those documents contains personal information that is in the view of Adams County jail personnel. He also says that his defense documents are being kept in a box and are being mishandled by jail personnel.

After continued complaint about claims of ill treatment at the hands of Adams County Jail officials, Judge Thomson said he wasn’t going to order the jail to treat Yohn any differently. A status hearing in the case was set for March 8. A trial date has not been set.