Yohn Says He’s Ready For June Trial Date As Pro Se Defendant

By Benjamin Cox on May 19, 2022 at 3:36pm

A Springfield man defending himself in Adams County Court against charges of home invasion and sexual assault says he’s ready to go to trial next month.

Muddy River News reports that 35 year old Bradley Yohn of Springfield told Judge Roger Thomson Wednesday he was ready to proceed to trial on June 21st.

Yohn is defending himself Pro Se against charges of carjacking and home invasion in Adams County filed in November 2021. He appeared in Adams County Circuit Court on Wednesday afternoon for a pre-trial hearing.

Thomson also asked if Yohn had received a copy of discovery in the case from the Adams County State’s Attorney’s Office. According to Muddy River News, Yohn contended that the contents of the discovery was incomplete and that he had not received pieces of information from dismissed Public Defender John Citro.

Yohn claimed that Citro had a screenshot of a media outlet producing libel about him pertaining to the case. Yohn says that he wishes to use the information to file for a change of venue.

Yohn also further had questions about the state’s list of witnesses, information about officers investigating his cases, and chain of custody of evidence to be presented at trial.

Thomson explained to Yohn that he must file written motions for information he wants and that he needs to personally contact Citro about anything he wants from him pertaining to his case.

If motions from Yohn are not filed, the case will begin with jury selection and a trial on the June 21st date.