Pleasant Plains Boil Order LIFTED

The Village of Pleasant Plains has LIFTED a system-wide boil order for all customers served by the Pleasant Plains water department.

Village of Eldred Boil Order

03/08/2023 9:30AM
There is a boil order in effect until further notice for all Village of Eldred water customers in southern Greene County.

Boil Orders

The boil order for Mt. Sterling water customers on E. Main St./Route 24 that are located east of 511 E. Main St. has been lifted as of 1:15PM December 30th.

City of Jacksonville Has Large Water Main Break

12:30PM November 24: The Morgan County Office of Emergency Management has announced The City of Jacksonville has had a large water main break. The break appears to localized to the west end of the city.

3:24PM: There is now a boil order in effect for the north side of West Morton Avenue to West Lafayette Avenue between South Westgate Avenue and Illinois Route 104 also including South Westgate Avenue over to South Grand Avenue between Mound Road and West Lafayette Avenue. This boil order is in effect until further notice.

Boil Order Lifted for Parts of South Jacksonville

South Jacksonville has lifted the Boil Order, for all water customers on Havendale Drive and Havendale Court and the following addresses :
403 W. Michigan, 1432 S. Church St., 405 W. Michigan,1430 S. Church St. , 501 W. Michigan, 1429 S. Church St. 647 W. Michigan, 1428 S. Church St., 685 W. Michigan, 406 S. Church St., 687 W. Michigan, 1404 S. Church St.