City of Jacksonville Has Large Water Main Break

12:30PM November 24: The Morgan County Office of Emergency Management has announced The City of Jacksonville has had a large water main break. The break appears to localized to the west end of the city.

3:24PM: There is now a boil order in effect for the north side of West Morton Avenue to West Lafayette Avenue between South Westgate Avenue and Illinois Route 104 also including South Westgate Avenue over to South Grand Avenue between Mound Road and West Lafayette Avenue. This boil order is in effect until further notice.

Boil Order Lifted for Parts of South Jacksonville

South Jacksonville has lifted the Boil Order, for all water customers on Havendale Drive and Havendale Court and the following addresses :
403 W. Michigan, 1432 S. Church St., 405 W. Michigan,1430 S. Church St. , 501 W. Michigan, 1429 S. Church St. 647 W. Michigan, 1428 S. Church St., 685 W. Michigan, 406 S. Church St., 687 W. Michigan, 1404 S. Church St.

Boil Order Lifted for Myrtle Street

The boil order in effect in the City of Jacksonville for areas between East Independence Avenue and East Lafayette Avenue for Myrtle Street has been lifted.

Boil Order for some of IC Campus

A boil order has been issued until further notice for buildings on Illinois College campus along Mound Road from Lincoln Ave. to Park Street. This is due to a water main break at Lincoln and Mound Ave.

Boil Order for some Scottville Rural Water Company Customers

A boil order is in effect for customers of the Scottville Rural Water Company Inc. in the following locations: Northeast of Modesto-Scottville Road only including Phillies Road, Workman Road, Staley Road, and Berean Church Road.
The order is due to maintenance work on water services and hydrants in the area. customers may experience little or no water pressure during these times.
Officials anticipate the boil order to be in effect through this Thursday, October 6th.

Boil Order for some residents of Bluffs

The Exeter-Merritt Water Cooperative has a boil order in effect for persons living on Bangert Rd. in Bluffs as well as Rt 100 South of Bluffs. Pressure dropped below 20 lbs therefore a boil order is recommended until further notice.
Please do not drink or cook with the water without boiling it first. Let it boil for at least 5 minutes and let it cool before using or use bottled water. Residents should flush their lines during and after the boil order and should remove/clean faucet screens.
The Exeter-Merritt Water Cooperative has all pvc water mains and plastic service lines to each meter pit. If the customer has any lead pipes or fittings in their home, they should take extra precautions and flush all the lines within their home to avoid any possible contamination of lead. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call the office at 217-754-3090 or 217-370-0562.

Boil Order in Mt. Sterling Lifted

The Boil Order has been lifted for residents and businesses in 100 block of East Main St. on north side of road, 109 South Capital and all apartments located above Advance Physical Therapy.