Cass County Man Pleads Guilty to Animal Torture Charge

By Benjamin Cox on November 8, 2022 at 6:22am

A Virginia, Illinois man arrested in May on animal cruelty charges pleaded guilty in Cass County Court yesterday.

24 year old Enrique Rangel pleaded guilty to a single count of animal torture yesterday. Rangel was arrested on the charges on May 26th by Cass County Sheriff’s Deputies. Rangel had been on house arrest during trial. According to a KHQA report at the time of Rangel’s arrest, a caller reported a man was using an object to beat a German Shepard outside of his home. Additionally, deputies said they discovered additional evidence that other mistreatment of the dog had happened days before.

Rangel was sentenced yesterday to 2 months probation, ordered to pay a $200 fine plus fees and court costs. He was given credit for 32 days served in jail.